Because part of me wonders
If it’s my destiny
To die young

-c.k. (via we-dont-own-our-heavens)

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They say that
Everything here
Is temporary
But I believe this
To be untrue
The only thing
I have found
To be temporary
Is my happiness
My pain seems

-c.k. (via we-dont-own-our-heavens)

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Sleeping used to be my safe haven, my escape from the reality of you being gone, until I started having haunting nightmares that reenacted the time you left me. But the worst dreams of all were the beautiful ones, the ones of us creating loving memories like we used to. Then, when I would wake up, it was like losing you all over again…

-d.n., wake me up with a true love’s kiss (via dominiquebo)

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I don’t matter anyways.

Read this amazing birth story here. 

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top 10 striptease songs



1. Motley Crue -Dr. Feelgood

2. Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me

3. Marilyn Manson - Tainted love

4. Aerosmith - Love in an elevetor

5. AC/DC - The Jack

6. Warrant - Cherry pie

7. Motorhead - You better run

8. Prince - Darling Nikki

9. Judas Priest - Eat me alive

10. Whitesnake - Is this love ?

I’m gonna go to vegas and perform a striptease to each of these songs, checking off the list :D

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